It’s no surprise that SMAK DAB’s Founder, Carly Minish, pursued a career in the food industry. Like many small-town kids, her earliest memories of childhood and growing up were rooted in community and food. Whether it was a fish fry by the lakeside, learning how to garden, picking crab apples with her grandmother, or baking bread with her mother—food had substance. It felt natural, comforting, and most importantly, like home. Food brought people together and created common ground memories and relationships could be made. It was an obvious choice for Carly to follow a career path where she could express her passion for food and its importance in her upbringing. 

After graduating Culinary School in Edmonton, Carly returned to her home province and apprenticed in fine dining restaurants to work towards her Red Seal Certification. While doing so, she learnt the versatility and importance of mustard in the kitchen, and how effortlessly adding a spoonful to marinades, salad dressings, sauces, and meats could take dishes to new heights. Carly saw a gap in the food market for local high quality mustards that people could use to tweak food with ease while adding tons of flavour. Thus, SMAK DAB was born!

At the young age of 22, Carly started crafting flavours in her tiny condo kitchen and selling out at Farmers’ Markets every weekend. She began expanding, until she launched 2 flavours into local grocers in November 2014. Year by year, flavour by flavour, her mustard line grew, as did her loyal and supportive ‘Smakdabber’ customer base across Manitoba and Canada. Now, 5 years later, Smak Dab proudly produces award-winning flavours that supply over 75 retail locations in Manitoba, upwards of 50 in British Columbia, and numerous more across Canada. 

As an entrepreneur and a Red Seal Chef, she relishes in the excitement of customers realizing the potential of elevating good food into great food. She wants to help people realize cooking can be playful, exciting, and adventurous. With the magical touch of the inspired flavours of Smak Dab Mustard, a humble meal can transform into an unforgettable gathering!

Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.
— Julia Child

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