From Seed to Sauce: How Smak Dab Mustard is Made

Photography: Pauline Boldt

Photography: Pauline Boldt

Photography: Pauline Boldt

I’ve always thought our process as super special—a labor of love, if you will! Not only do we faithfully use the best Canadian ingredients we can possibly find, but we hand-measure, mix, blend, lid, and package every single jar. Believe it or not, it all starts the night before...

  1. What makes our process unique is the time we allow between the initial mixing and bottling. We soak the mustard seeds (purchased from an elevator in Carman, MB and harvested from the Canadian prairies, in case you were wondering!) in a combination of liquids unique to each flavour. This is necessary to ‘plump up’ the seeds and soften their texture.

  2. The next day, we blend each batch with ingredients like zesty horseradish, rich honey, fresh white wine, savoury Madras curry powder, golden Canadian maple syrup, or spicy chipotle and jalapeño. If you are familiar with our different mustards, you get the picture! 

  3. We then naturally season each mustard with spices and natural sea salt without adding any thickeners, preservatives, or emulsifiers, which you will find in almost ALL big mustard brands on the shelf, FYI!

  4. Next up is filling! We use our trusty semi-automatic pistol filler (we call him Phil) for this step. ’Phil the Filler’ pumps out a perfect measure of mustard into each jar before we hand-twist a glossy black lid on it.

  5. We code the jars and take them to our labeler, Louis! ‘Louis the Labeler’ is an essential mechanical member of our team that carefully wraps a clear, beautifully-designed label around each jar, allowing the texture and hues of each mustard to shine through…… and voila! The jars are ready for packing and delivering to our stockist’s shelves and, soon, to your plate. As Stevie Wonder says: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered…. I’m Yours!”

Next time you grab a jar of SMAK DAB, I hope this helps you understand the love that goes into each jar and the hands that prepare it for you. There are about 6 people and 2 machines that touch each jar from start to finish. Pretty cool, huh? That’s a lot of care and attention, if you ask me!

Are you curious to hear more about the awesome people behind the jar? Well, I’d be happy to tell you all about it next time!

Dab on, mustard lovers, dab on!

– Carly Minish-Wytinck

Founder, Red Seal Chef + President of SMAK DAB

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