Carly’s Food + Drink Essentials this Summer!

Photography: Pauline Boldt

Let’s face it, summer is too short here in Canada to have lacklustre food and drink! You all know that SMAK DAB is my go-to ingredient for all my summer recipes, but I’ve compiled a list of my favourite essentials I’ll be using ALL. SUMMER. LONG…. and I think you should too!  

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Abiding citizen.jpg

 Abiding Citizens Cocktail Shrubs and Bitters- I LOVE having these on hand! The fruity and botanical addition to your cocktails (or even virgin drinks!) are incredibly refreshing and wonderful for entertaining! (They also make you look like a master mixologist) Simply add your favourite alcohol to ice, a splash of shrubs (a sweet and sour fruit syrup), a few drops of bitters (a floral or herbaceous flavoured liquid), a splash of tonic, squeeze of citrus, and you have yourself a bevy worthy of Tom Cruise from Cocktail.

For recipes and where to buy, visit their website!

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Sheepdog Coffee Meat Rub- Hands down, my favourite spice rub in the pantry right now. This blend is perfect rubbed on beef and pork steaks, then charred to perfection on the grill, but also amazing thrown into marinades like our Coffee Balsamic Marinade. We’ve even tried it sprinkled on roasted Brussels sprouts and sweet potato and we were not the least bit disappointed. 

This incredibly versatile rub is sold on their website but can be found at all Miller’s Meats locations and Crampton’s Market.


Folk + Fire S’more KitsDisclaimer: I never liked s’mores as a kid. The store-bought graham crackers tasted like dust, the marshmallows were unpleasantly gummy and had no recognizable ingredients in them, and the chocolate… well, that was probably the best part. NOT THESE S’MORES! The handcrafted graham crackers are buttery (almost like shortbread) with the right amount of ‘snap’ and the artisan ‘mallows are like clouds of soft sugar fluff, flavoured to perfection. Find an excuse to gather the crew and build a fire, because you’ve never had a s’more like this before!

Order their kits online through their website! (FYI: they also offer a “Roasting Service” for weddings and events!)


Frescolio Olive Oils and Vinegars- Seriously, one of my favourite cooking essentials! All their oils and vinegars are naturally flavoured using real herbs and whole fruit. Think Neapolitan Herb Balsamic Vinegar (used in our Tomato Panzanella Salad) and Mesquite Infused Olive Oil. Are your creative chef-y juices flowing yet? I love them even more because of their recycling program; bring back your empty bottles and receive a $.75 discount on your next purchase. They wash and sanitize each bottle so they can be reused! Amazing, huh?

Frescolio has 3 locations in Winnipeg to serve you!


Thats not all! Later this week we will be hosting a GIVEAWAY, where one lucky winner will win all the essentials listed above including a set of Smak Dab Mustard! So stay tuned, and keep a close eye on our social media pages!

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