5 Recipes That Can't 'Be' Without Mustard



From the inception of SMAK DAB, I’ve preached the versatility of mustard. It has been one of my main objectives as a chef and founder of this company, for people to get the most out of their product and for it to bring the utmost flavour to their foods. It’s imperative for people to discover and value knowing that one single product can be such a workhorse in their kitchen!

We pump out an artillery of recipes for inspiration; some creative, some basic, but for the most part everyday essentials that you can keep in your back pocket. Whether you have 30 minutes or 3 hours to pull something together, we can help!

So, with this in mind, I’ve picked out 5 recipes that just cannot ‘be’ their true self without the addition of mustard. If you aren’t using mustard in these recipes already, do yourself a favour and start! 

Nana’s Classic Potato Salad

Nana’s Classic Potato Salad

Potato Salads

Let’s be honest, potatoes are pretty boring on their own. I love them, but they need a little help. Potatoes are a great vessel for flavour and are just begging to be dressed in a delicious blend of bright acidity, herbs, and creamy-ness (whether its olive oil, mayo, or butter!) Because of potatoes starchy nature, they soak up flavour REALLY well, so the possibilities are endless!  

Try one with a Tangy Mustard Vinaigrette + Green Beans or my Nana’s Classic Potato Salad; fresh dill and chopped pickles. Perfection. 



Coffee Balsamic Marinade

Coffee Balsamic Marinade


Ahh yes, the marinade! A lifesaver in my mind. The easiest and most flavourful way to saturate your meats with flavour, whether you’re serving up pork, chicken, steak or even tofu. The acid and mustard in marinades tenderize tougher cuts of meat, making it ideal for flank, hanger, or blade steak.

I’m obsessed with this Coffee Balsamic Marinade on steaks and love this Curry Mustard Marinade on everything! (yes, even tofu)




This might be an obvious one, but I just can’t help myself! Mustard on burgers is a no brainer, it’s like macaroni and cheese, Thelma and Louise, or a Corona and lime. You get the picture. Not only do I love it on my burger, but I love it IN my patty as well. Adding mustard to the ‘meat’ of the burger adds flavour without adding extra moisture, lending to great texture.

Try our Quinoa Burger for a vegetarian option or opt for a meaty version, with our Teriyaki Pork Slider with Pineapple Salsa or the classic Beer + Cheddar Burger.




Vinaigrettes or Salad Dressings

I’ve had many people tell me that they day they tried making a salad dressing with SMAK DAB, is the last day they left it out! Period. Mustard is a game-changer in vinaigrettes, it adds a little extra somethin’-somethin’ that you just can’t replicate with any other ingredient.

I LOVE this Creamy Ranch Dressing (be sure to follow the ‘CHEF TIP’) and this Caesar Vinaigrette to lighten up from the heavy mayo-based version.

Pro tip: Have a jar of mustard with just a tiny bit left? Shake yourself a dressing in less than 5 minutes! To the jar, simply add; 3 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp acid (lemon juice, red or white wine, apple cider or balsamic vinegar), 2 tsp honey or maple syrup, 1 clove of garlic, grated (optional, but so yummy) and pinch of salt and pepper. Shake it up! Dress any salad... your welcome!



Last but not least… the good old sandwich!

Whether it’s a grilled cheese (like our Cranberry Mustard + Turkey Camembert recipe) meat, veggie or even an egg salad sandwich (like our open-faced Eggs Salad Tartine!) MUSTARD IS A MUST! It’s my true belief that mustard doesn’t overpower or take-over the flavours when slathered in-between bread, it enhances the ingredients it’s layered with. Mustard is like salt, it seasons and boosts flavour, making it necessary when making yourself a sammy.

Happy Cooking!

Carly Minish