How To MAKE: "Quick MUSTARD Pickles!"


Today I am sharing a quick and easy canning technique which can be used on a variety of garden vegetables (not just cucumbers!). This is a favourite go-to technique that I have been using for canning my summer harvest, because not only is it quick, it’s also very simple. This recipe can also easily be adapted to accommodate different veggies, different mustard flavours and whichever type of vinegar you have on hand. So really, the only question is… what are you waiting for? Give it a try!


Refrigerator Mustard Pickles [Recipe adapted by Feasting at Home]

·       Fresh Raw Veggies to fill 2 quart-size mason jars or 4 smaller mason jars (about 5-6 cups total). Use beets, carrots, radishes, turnips, cucumbers, green beans, asparagus, red onion, zucchini or summer squash, garlic scapes, or fennel

·       1 tbsp SMAK DAB Mustard (any flavour will do here!)


Variety of add-ins:

  • 4-6 cloves garlic, peeled whole

  • A few sprigs of fresh dill or other herbs

  • Sliced onion

  • Other flavourings - whole cloves, dill seeds, whole allspice, fresh ginger slices, fresh chilies or chili flakes, celery seeds, peppercorns, cumin seedsstar anise, coriander seeds, fennel seeds

Pickling liquid:

  • 2 cups vinegar - white, red wine, rice wine, apple cider (you can use any or a combination)

  • 2 cups water

  • 2 tbsp kosher salt

  • 6 tbsp sugar (you could cut this back if you’d like!)

  • Prepare your veggies by washing them well and slice, quarter, cut into spears, or leave whole (such as green beans, asparagus, garlic scapes). Meanwhile, make sure your jars and lids are clean and sanitized.

  • Bring the water, vinegar, salt and sugar to a boil in a small pot.

  • In the mason jars, divide the garlic, chosen flavourings and mustard.

  • Begin adding the veggies and (if desired) layer in a few slices of onion with the veggies along with any fresh herbs. Leave about an inch of space at the top of the jar.

  • Using a funnel, carefully pour the hot pickling liquid into the jars, making sure to submerge all the veggies, pressing down on them with the end of spoon. You may be able to add more veggies at this point, just make sure the liquid completely covers the veggies leaving at least a half inch of room between the liquid and lid.

  • Seal with the lid and let sit on the counter to cool, and after an hour or two, place in the fridge. These will taste good after 6-8 hours, but much better after a couple days. Keeps up to three weeks.

  • Important note! Because of the mustard, the liquid might look a little murky and that is totally okay! It’s just the delicious flavourings in your pickle.


…And that’s it! Simple, right? Not only is this a fantastic way to utilize your summer harvest for months to come, but these pickled veggies make great accompaniments to main dishes and also act as a great addition to an appetizer or charcuterie platter! Enjoy!

Delicious Combinations:

  • Garlic + dill pickled cucumbers or beans with White Wine Herb or Honey Horseradish Mustard

  • Cardamom + Chile pickled carrots with Curry Dijon Mustard

  • Maple Mustard pickled red onion


For long term storage (where they don’t have to be refrigerated right way) follow this method to make sure the jars are good and sealed for a longer shelf life!

  • Sterilize the jars and metal lids by boiling in a large pot of water. 

  • Follow the method above and fill each jar with hot pickling liquid, ½” from the top. Tap the jar to remove any air bubbles and add more liquid if necessary. Add the lids and tighten. Place the jars in a boiling pot of water to can them. Boil for five minutes and remove. Make sure the lid pops down, meaning the jars are sealed. (If not, refrigerate to make sure they keep)

Carly Minish