Black Flavour Pack (seasonal availability)

Black Flavour Pack (seasonal availability)


Spice to impress! Create your gourmet meals with our gourmet mustard collection.

Canadian Maple: Our classic Canadian flavour uses pure Quebec maple syrup and prairie grown mustard seed. Add depths of flavour to your pork roast, charcuterie and cheese board, sweet potatoes, or glazed salmon; EH?!

Honey Horseradish: Smak Dab’s take on the classic! A balanced blend of sweet Manitoba honey with a hint of horseradish will elevate your roast beef, coleslaw, egg salad, and grilled ham sandwiches.

Curry Dijon: Smak Dab’s unique and savoury blend of flavourful Madras curry powder, Manitoba honey, and peppery mustard seed. Try pairing with your glazed ham, roasted root vegetables, grilled chicken, or juicy bratwurst.

Cranberry Wine: Smak Dab’s newest mustard. Try on your ham, roast turkey, and brie cheese.

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