“From the moment I tried Smak Dab at the Downtown Winnipeg Farmers' Market (at Manitoba Hydro) several years ago, I was hooked!!! All of the flavours are excellent and add the perfect "zing" to any salad dressing, marinade, sauce, sandwich or charcuterie board. All of Carly's recipes I have tried have been excellent!!! Can you tell I am a lifelong fan??”

– Shelly

“Smak Dab has basically become a staple in my household, I'm excited about cooking again! I use it to add extra flavour when I'm cooking chicken or ham, add it to my potato salads and use it to make so many different salad dressings. I'm always getting rave reviews whenever I've cooked for company using Smak Dab so when it comes to gift giving, the decision comes easy to give a jar of Smak Dab to share the goodness :-)”

– Nicole

“Smak Dab has not only been the creative food baby of a very sweet, good friend of mine. It has also brought our group of friends and other people in our lives together on mutual ground! I love bragging about Smak dab wherever I go in the prairies or across the world! Very proud friend over here :)”

– Paige 

“I met Carly and learned about Smak Dab a few years ago at St Norbert Farmer’s Market. We connected over my brother’s beer (Half Pints Brewing Company) that she used in her Beer Chipotle flavour, and I’ve been a loyal customer ever since!
My personal favourite is the Cranberry Wine mustard (I love it on crackers with goat cheese as a snack). I also use the White Wine Herb mustard in EVERYTHING!
Thanks Carly - for your love of fresh, local ingredients 💕”

– Jennifer 

“I have added your mustard to my recipes and love that I am supporting local but also so yummy!”

– B. Lodewyks

“Love Smak Dab mustard! The very first one I ever tried was the wine and herb mustard. I started making salad dressings from scratch with it and since then I’ve got every single flavour in my collection. My favourite to date is the cranberry wine mustard for making a Saskatoon salad dressing that I put on salad or quinoa bowls. I also love the hot honey Jalapeño mustard to pair with our farm fresh ham. It’s delicious! Thanks for making such great product. Love supporting Manitoba made products too. You have also inspired me to start my own crop of mustard to try out as new farmers:)”

– Stephanie 

“Smak Dab reinvigorated my love of mustard. I never knew how versatile it was until I started using Carly's products - now, mustard is in everything I cook, from pork to burgers to roast veggies to potatoes. Can't live without my Smak Dab!”

– Sarah 

“Before I tried Smak Dab, I avoided mustard at all costs, but yours I can make the star of any meal. I will even eat it with a spoon.”

– Emily

“Well first of all Smak Dab is a total game changer in the kitchen it heightens any meal from a sandwich to salad to marinade. There is not any aspect to a meal that I don't add Smak Dab to & yes even when I make dessert! The variety of flavour combos is great.”

– Tracy

“I remember trying your mustard at Pine Ridge and it was delicious. Fast forward a few years, and we were at a relatives having a great dinner and when she brought out a bone-in ham she said she was going to get the "special mustard" sure enough…Smak Dab...I just will always associate Smak Dab with delicious mustard, family, and a fantastic evening.”

– Jordan

“What do I love about Smak Dab? It’s so versatile! I love gourmet food products but if they sit in my fridge and only get used for one recipe, I usually end up throwing them out, which is such a waste! I love that I can use Smak Dab in place of dijon/regular whole grain mustard and get way tastier results! I love that you’re local! Go Manitoba! Also, keep up the amazing recipes! Love them!”

– Alyssa

“SMAK DAB is a total game changer in the kitchen. I use it on salads, sandwiches & in marinades. Every charcuterie board I make its definitely apart of. There is no aspect of preparing a meal that I don’t add Smak Dab to… The variety of flavours are great! Once you try Smak Dab you won’t go back to regular mustard. “

– Tracy

“Admittedly, I wasn’t a huge mustard fan until I tried the White Wine Herb Mustard. Smak Dab came into my life, now my fridge is stocked with at least 3 different flavours at all time!”

– Lynne 

I’m a mustard nut and I put this on almost everything. Smak Dab Mustard is like a quality local beer. It has class and tastes amazing. Keep up the good work!

– Robin

“I discovered Smak Dab earlier this year and I've tried every flavour by now. My favourite is...ALL OF THEM! I now keep plenty of Smak Dab on hand to put on everything I can think of. I also love to share this unique and delicious product with all my friends. Keep up the great work!”

– Brad

“Smak Dab Mustard is a first-class product that elevates every culinary experience. In the home, at the restaurant level, their mustard sets a standard for flavour. Not to mention that playful pop/crunch from the real local mustard seeds that they use in every jar, yes!!”

– Gillian 

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— Julia Child