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Voted one of Manitoba’s Best Food Products 2018

Little mustard grains, big flavour gains.

Are you low maintenance, but expect high quality and big flavour from your food? Good. Us too! Introducing Smak Dab Mustards, the most versatile condiment and ingredient in your kitchen, because mustard is no longer limited to sandwiches and burgers! Add a dab to homemade salad dressing, meats, marinades, sauces, vegetable dishes, charcuterie and cheese boards and so much more. Transform a boring meal into a lively gathering and use Smak Dab to fill the flavour gap.

Founded by a Red Seal Chef and produced by a small family run operation in rural Manitoba, we use 100% Canadian mustard seeds and superlative ingredients you can taste. Smak Dab has the benefits of natural ingredients, zero fat, low sodium and sugar, and most flavours that are naturally gluten free, all without sacrificing flavour or mouth-watering taste. 



Here’s Carly

At the young age of 22, Carly started crafting flavours in her tiny condo kitchen and selling out at Farmers’ Markets every weekend. She began expanding, until she launched 2 flavours into local grocers in November 2014. Year by year, flavour by flavour, her mustard line grew, as did her loyal and supportive ‘Smakdabber’ customer base across Manitoba and Canada. Now, 5 years later, Smak Dab proudly produces award-winning flavours that supply over 75 retail locations in Manitoba, upwards of 50 in British Columbia, and numerous more across Canada……


How we make our mustard

from seed to sauce

I’ve always thought our process as super special—a labor of love, if you will! Not only do we faithfully use the best Canadian ingredients we can possibly find, but we hand-measure, mix, blend, lid, and package every single jar. Believe it or not, it all starts the night before…




“We love smak dab!”

“From the moment I tried Smak Dab at the Downtown Winnipeg Farmers' Market (at Manitoba Hydro) several years ago, I was hooked!!! All of the flavours are excellent and add the perfect "zing" to any salad dressing, marinade, sauce, sandwich or charcuterie board. All of Carly's recipes I have tried have been excellent!!! Can you tell I am a lifelong fan??”

– Shelly

“Smak Dab has basically become a staple in my household, I'm excited about cooking again! I use it to add extra flavour when I'm cooking chicken or ham, add it to my potato salads and use it to make so many different salad dressings. I'm always getting rave reviews whenever I've cooked for company using Smak Dab so when it comes to gift giving, the decision comes easy to give a jar of Smak Dab to share the goodness :-)”

– Nicole

“Smak Dab has not only been the creative food baby of a very sweet, good friend of mine. It has also brought our group of friends and other people in our lives together on mutual ground! I love bragging about Smak dab wherever I go in the prairies or across the world! Very proud friend over here :)”

– Paige 



Smak Dab Mustards are available in over 50 retailers in Canada

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